Environmental issues are one of the main challenges facing the world. The EU has adopted different measures to improve energy efficiency in Europe and set itself a 20% energy savings target by 2020. Startups are at the forefront of these changes. Startups.be and a group of international energy and entrepreneurship experts joined forces in the START2ACT project that aims to make startups and small businesses greener and more energy efficient.

Climate change, energy waste and resource scarcity have been in the spotlight for a while now. Still, while many initiatives are taken to counter energy waste, the secret ingredient to real results remains simple: we should start by changing our own behaviour. START2ACT aims to change the behaviour of startups by helping them to become greener and more energy efficient.

Funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, the mission of the START2ACT project is to support young European SMEs and startups to save energy and cut costs at their workplace. To fulfill this mission START2ACT offers a wide range of resources and activities, among those, customised mentoring sessions.


“Today’s startups will have an important energy impact in the economy of tomorrow. That’s why it is important to raise their awareness about energy efficiency now so that they can include this knowledge during their growth paths,” says Jan Bormans, COO of Startups.be.

By using the Knowledge Base, young businesses will gain an overview on measures and funding opportunities that can help them improve their energy efficiency at the workplace. All the information is country-specific as well, as the Knowledge Base is tailored to the participating START2ACT countries.

START2ACT, is offering these sessions to startups in nine European countries: BE, BG, CZ, HR, HU, PL, RO, SK and UK.

We are partnering with incubators, accelerator programmes, co-working spaces and other startup-support organisations in those countries to reach individual startups and discuss how energy efficiency can make their enterprise more sustainable and competitive.

A START2ACT comprehensive monitoring - feedback - system and support tool enables startups to get access to customized approach given by an expert.

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