Zenitor is offering 10 entrepreneurs that sign up via Startups.be a free coaching program!

As a new member of Startups.be, Zenitor is lending a helping hand to entrepreneurs who started a business in the last five years. The " Starter Coach ", sponsored by Agentschap ondernemen, offers a tailored coaching program where entrepreneurial skills are further developed and the business is optimized.

This is a great opportunity to learn how to build a meaningful professional network by gaining self-awareness, self-confidence and creating a fun environment in-company. Starter Coach measures each entrepreneur progress and the real impact of the coaching program on the startup.

The program consists of 8 - 10 hours of coaching, spread over a 12 week period. This kind of customized coaching program usually costs € 1,100. Therefore, this is a unique opportunity due to the support of Agentschap Ondernemen.

By Gabriela Fernández Scala