It should come as no surprise that valuing a startup takes careful planning. Yesterday, we, together with, kicked off the second investor readiness workshop that focused on startup valuation and valuation on dilution.

Would like to check out how it went? Here it is!

Interested to learn more? We picked 5 lessons learned from the workshop:

  • Price is not (always) the value. Value is always long term
  • Market size matters
  • Make as many contacts as you can. Investors should compete to invest in your company
  • Revenue and growth are the most important factors for your startup
  • Find a way to burn less cash. Adjust it to be interesting for investors

You can also check the complete presentation via this link.

Are you ready for fundraising? 

As of 2017, and its partners team up to offer the set of insightful investor readiness workshops all over Belgium. Why? All because, we know, that raising funds is one of the major challenges that startups face. And our aim is to help startups in building lasting and profitable relations with investors - so startups grow and flourish!

More investor readiness workshops ahead! Check out the upcoming workshops in Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia and get your spot!