On Wednesday, the 9th October, Startups.be member organizations gathered to discuss and give inputs for the future strategy of the organization.

The agenda included an update to the members regarding Startups.be activities and development. We have since our last meeting in June:

  • Increased the number of member organizations up to currently 54;

  • Launched a new website (yes, this one!) with a search function featuring all member organizations that entrepreneurs can use to quickly find the support they are looking for;

  • Hosted Tech Startup Day which assembled all Startups.be members and entrepreneurs in a total of 400 people attending workshops & networking (check out the pictures and presentations);

  • Developed an international outreach program for Belgian startups, including a project to take 15 startups to LeWeb Paris 2013 in collaboration with ABE, AWT and iMinds (more information).

Taking advantage of gathering a diverse membership base, including commercial, non-profit and governmental organizations, we asked our members to brainstorm about:

  • De-risking startup investments through collaboration schemes;

  • Priorities for international outreach programs for tech entrepreneurs.

The discussions were insightful and we will be developing the generated ideas forward.

With these meetings we aim not only to ensure Startups.be keeps going in the right direction, providing relevant support to Belgian startups, but also to build bridges and encourage cross-collaboration between the different already existing actors across the country.