It was heartwarming to see how much attention the foundation attracted. While we were waiting for more tangible things to announce through the press, like the launch of our web platform or the first international keynotes for our fall events, it seems lots of people are eager to know more about our organization and what’s coming.

Frederic Tibeau (DataNews) was the first one to get the foundation of the non profit organization on his radar, ending up in an interview in the DataNews startup newsletter and general newsletter on March 14 and a news item on their website as well. DataNews – Frederic Tibeau – Dutch article (March 14) DataNews – Frederic Tibeau – French article (March 14)

Proud to be an early partner of @StartUpsBe. The upcoming one-stop shop for Belgian entrepreneurship. (@kaai16)

Frederic’s expectations are high, that’s clear, but he seems confident that this kind of aggregated efforts is exactly what our community needs right now. So that’s quite heartening. That coverage then triggered Younes Al Bouchouari (l’Echo) to step in with an article in the Saturday newspaper. · L’Echo – Younes Al Bouchouari – French article (March 16)

Same story, really. A big sigh of relied that the community is taking initiative to organize itself in a bottom-up way. Creating overview, quality access to the different stakeholders and some collaboration between all the organizations involved is definitely answering to a real demand.

Brigitte Doucet (Regional IT) was also eager to find out more. Although she was enthusiastic about the concept, she had some concerns about the regional balancing and potential political wasps’ nest we were getting ourselves into by taking it to the national level. · Regional IT – Brigitte Doucet – French article (March 19)

Brigitte definitely saw the added value of cross-regional collaboration, but indicated that outreach to the Walloon region would in that case have to be top priority. With good reason, I must add.

So that’s what I’ll be doing over the next few weeks: reaching out to all Walloon, Brussels and Flemish organizations that are active in startup support, trying to get them involved in our event programming and other upcoming activities.

Bruno Segers: a one-stop shop techno starters in Belgium – (Facebook)

And luckily, many people – not only journalists, but bloggers, tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs of all kinds are spreading the word as well. So thanks to Bart Becks, Bruno Segers and many others for the tweets, posts and mentions of our endeavors! · Creativeskills – Isabelle Ignoul – Dutch article (March 25)

Know anyone that might be interested in joining forces? Feel free to steer them in my direction.