The new round of funding gives sympl extra valuable resources to undertake and to transform the future of recruitment.

Sympl was founded in 2015 by Mark Herman and Steven Pyck and is part of the Start it @KBC incubator. The startup offers a full-service recruitment solution for SMEs. 

It is an intelligent, conversational assistant to profile and pre-screen candidates for employers by using automated video interviews or skill analysis. It is made for mobile and it interacts with candidates and employers through their channels of choice (e.g. Facebook Messenger, e-mail and SMS), using chatbots and natural language, without the need to install a new app.

sympl is also the first solution in Europe to recruit, search or/and apply for a job through a talentbot via Facebook.

Steven Pyck, co-founder of sympl says, "Finding the right employee requires a lot of time from business executives, especially with SMEs who do not have their own HR department. Through the combination of information and personal guidance, we quickly find the best candidates for them. On average, our customers need only 1.6 interviews, while the market average is around 5 interviews per recruitment. "

€1,1M to strengthen the team and technology

The KBC Start it Fund is the main investor in this new capital round, investing alongside The Ark Angels Activator Fund, imec, the startup founders themselves and business angels of BAN Vlaanderen, such as Jan Verbeke (ex-CEO of AE) and Christiaan Thomas.

Koen Schrever, from The KBC Start it Fund, believes: "We invest in sympl because their experienced team has the vision of taking the market to a higher level. Sympl has the technological capabilities to keep ahead. Positive testimonials of both employers and jobseekers, who collaborated with sympl, are highly promising. "