Belgian SaaS startup Intuo has raised €850,000 to further develop its 360-degree talent management software. The funding comes from PMV and a number of angel investors from the HR, retail, and petrochemical sectors.

Intuo’s slogan sounds rather straightforward – “because everyone deserves to thrive at work”. Indeed, its software is used by companies to monitor employee engagement, such as well-being and stress levels; performance and real-time feedback; and learning to improve overall employee work and retention.

“Employees who used to exchange time for money, now exchange skills for personal growth. Companies that can harvest this need for personal growth by linking it to their own business needs are the ones that will thrive”, - states a co-founder and head of operations Gilles Matellin. He firmly believes that old HR models in a new economy simply don’t work anymore.

The talent management startup that helps others to grow is generously rewarded. “We’ll use funding on two main components. One is the technology but on the other hand the expansion of the organisation in terms of internationalisation and capturing more market share here in Western Europe and starting business development across the Atlantic,” affirms CEO Tim Clauwaert.

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