A delegation of talented Belgian startups took the road to the neighbouring Amsterdam to conquer the startup scene at The Next Web Conference. TNW is getting bigger year by year, stellar speakers are on the agenda with a fascinating show around featuring startups, workshops, the unmissable food trucks and side events spread all over the city.

This year the following startups joined our Startups.be's delegation to The Next Web Conference 2016:

Teamleader: Teamleader helps you and your team to work smarter so your small business thrives. SinceTeamleader allows you to take charge of operational essentials, you can focus on projects and relationships. Bringing CRM, project management and invoicing together with an intuitive software solution, Teamleader enables your team to collaborate, organize and build your business.

BizzMine: Every organization has a lot of important data that doesn’t fit into an ERP or CRM software. Collect all your vital information and documents, let your people collaborate through workflow processes and present your live data in stunning dashboards. All in one online tool.BizzMine: Collect, Collaborate & Share.

SpeakerHub: We believe in the power of live presentations and personal connections, which is why we created SpeakerHub. We are not a speaker agency but Europe's growing community of professional, independent, or amateur public speakers and trainers who'd like to be found by companies, event organisers and schools.

Datylon: the company builds an explanatory data visualization platform from the ground up to address the specific needs of data-driven companies that want to accelerate information circulation. Based on extensive market testing we’re now rolling out a platform with the aim to become a top 3 player in the new and rapidly growing domain of explanatory data visualization. 

Appiness: a startup company based in Belgium that developed an App SPOTT which enables interactive shopping. This algorithm can track any item seen in a movie/ tv show and can link it to an online store. So through using the App SPOTT, you can now directly buy what they have seen on screen.

87seconds: a fresh and ambitious Brussels-based startup specialized in video production and video marketing. Start-ups, SME's, multinationals, NGOs, public organizations and agencies turn to 87seconds for presenting their business in a clear and understandable way, for product demos and tutorials, or for showcasing certain trends, figures, reports or surveys to their audience.

EventPulse: an integration platform that helps organizers connect event technology solutions to one central place, so they can Measure the Pulse of their event and Maximize the event experience.

Forganiser: SaaS platform for staff planning and recruitment in the food service industry (HoReCa). You can find flexible workers, communicate with them and pay them.

Crowd Angels: a second-generation crowd platform. Contrary to traditional crowdfunding site, campaigns ask for help first, instead of only for the money to buy it. To easily understand the "omnisourcing" approach it's best compared to a Wedding list for Communities. There's an African proverb that says that "It takes a village to raise a child".

Sortlist: a marketplace where businesses meet their fitting marketing agencies. From a tailor-made briefing, a custom independent research and support by up-to-date data, the company is putting in relation with the fitting providers.

Mood Me: MoodMe SDK senses faces in Videos to hyper-personalize them as 3D Live Avatars who swap faces, talk, show emotions, wear branded goods and are shared in social networks.

Qpinch:We make industrial heat from waste heat. Our chemical heat pump realizes a substantial reduction in fossil fuel use, therefore reducing energy cost and CO2 emissions. It is applicable throughout all major industries worldwide. Our USPs are marginal energy input (or even negative energy costs) and unique temperature lifts that allow us to reuse industrial heat that was unusable until now.

The Belgian booth buzzed with people and attracted lots of attention during the two days of the
conference With potential customers and leads in their pocket, our startups did an outstanding job to pitch tirelessly their ideas to the audience.

Mentioning 3 of our startups (Sortlist, BizzMine and MoodMe) in the official TNW website among their 20 favourite startups is a great indication of the high-quality #BeTech presents.

Some happy faces from the delegation shared their impressions with us, here you can read their

Speaker hub team

Andras, SpeakerHub: "Thank you so much for your support, Startups.be team! We were very
happy to be part of the delegation, and TNW was a big success. We spoke to at least 100
people over two days and made many high-potential connections we're following up right
now. We see a great opportunity to grow our business at such high-profile events, so please
keep up the good work to help startups like scale up".

Bizzmine team

Peter, BizzMine: "Compared to other conferences like Web Summit, Rise Conference and InnovFest Unbound, TNW is very much focused on the speaker sessions. The exhibition booths are clearly a side- activity. The fact that almost all pitches were organized in the days before the event, on different locations scattered all over Amsterdam, clearly proves that TNW is a speaker conference and doesn’t care much about boosting the startup eco-system. The support of the Startups.be crew was great and you were very much engaging and responsive."

Also, there was a competition launched during the event: Idea Hunt’s Best TNW Pitch and guess
who won? BizzMine team. Congrats!

Sortlist team

Nicolas, Sortlist: "Going to TNW was a great experience for us. We’ve been to the Web Summit before and told to ourselves to never go to a tech conference anymore. As we now have customers in the Netherlands and given the good feedbacks we’ve heard about TNW we figured it could be worth trying. And it was! We had a chat with great founders, potential partners and customers. And guess what, we even had personal 1-to-1 with some speakers afterwards.

We’ve had great discussions with executives from the marketplace industry: Blablacar, 99designs, TaskRabbit, etc. Some crazy fun moment was when we ran into Steve Huffman (founder of Reddit) at a free open-bar party. Needless to say, the party was crazy and held on 4 different floors, each with specific music. Running into Gary Vaynerchuck or Jason Fried, 2 NYT best sellers author was quite cool as well.

To sum it up, going to the conference with Startups.be allowed us to get in touch with other Belgian startups. The organization was great and we had a pretty cool stand. That might have helped us to be mentioned on TNW afterwards."

Take home message
Opinions are divided in general how much exposure and good quality leads you can gain from tech
conferences, but without a doubt, if your pitch stands out of the crowd- you basically won. Look at a prime example of stealing the show with an extraordinary stunt: dressing up as bride and groom!

Crowd Angels gained tons of publicity!

Amsterdam is one of the hottest spots for startups in Europe. Not only the high quality of TNW and Startup Fest organization proved that but if there is a country where the Prince is so engaged in startup ecosystem building that he gets involved as a special envoy for Startup Delta – that clearly makes a point. We were happy to be part of an exciting conference at TNW, full of inspiring startup events and social activities – well done, we will be back!

We were happy to be part of an exciting conference at TNW, full of inspiring startup events and social activities – well done, we will be back!