This year's edition saw a wide scope of changes: we welcomed an international delegation, received the visit of King Philippe of Belgium and also got a varied exhibition area featuring entrepreneurs, corporates and enablers.

For the very first time, startups got the chance to exhibit their products at the Tech Startup Day networking arena, where we mingled  26 startups, 17 enablers and 5 corporates.


"Tech Startup Day gathers most of the startup and scale-up scene of Belgium". We couldn't agree more with Dominique Adriansens, Founder at Twikey, who highlighted the valuable networking with startups that will now try their service after getting to know them at the event.

In this edition, Tech Startup Day welcomed a mixed audience that represented quite well the entrepreneurial scene in the country: 12% early-stage startups, 24% fast-growing startups, 8% investors, 25% enablers, 19% service providers and 12% startup enthusiasts.

"Our company is all about helping society to tackle the challenges of facing exponential innovation, and the Tech Startup Day is a very good way to connect with a lot of scale-ups but also young innovators looking for opportunities, and these are our two target groups" assured Juan David Mendieta, Co-Founder at Elium Academy.

Who was there? Meet the startups that showed their hot products at Tech Startup Day:


Howaboutsales is a cloud solution for indirect sales channel management. We automate sales and marketing processes through the entire partner and customer journey. 

Jack Media

JackMedia is a messaging application to rediscover the pleasure of waiting. Jack allows you to decide when your message (a “Jack”) can be read by the recipient

ALX Systems SA

ALX Systems get UAVs smarter than ever, able to work in coordination, take decision and recognize their environment. In other words, the world of tomorrow.


Teamleader unifies CRM, project planning and invoicing in a simple and intelligent tool - helping businesses work smarter.BotwiserB6


Birdee is a digital saving management solution dedicated to Mass Affluent investors. It has been developed by Gambit Financial Solutions, a software company that implements customer-centric solutions in Europe since 2010.

Elium Academy

Elium educates the next generation of software developers and Tech leaders through the transformative power of tech education.


Tripletwin introduces a new transparent and win-win-win alternative without the problems of the current data economy by providing sustainable business models that align the interest of all stakeholders.


BrightBiz transforms entrepreneurs and start-up’ers into #SalesHeroes who lead their companies to greatness. With training, coaching, and talent management, we empower anyone or any team to consistently sell their “big idea” and rapidly accelerate growth. 

Crowd Angels

Crowd Angels is a Crowd-as-a-Service platform that helps communities connect ideas and believers through omnisourcing.

It allows people to sell their houses commission free. Their mission is to provide a guided home selling process that is human, professional, honest and innovative.


MyskillCamp is the first collaborative learning LMS for professionals who wish to maximize the communication between learners and trainers.

Allora Factory

Electronics design and manufacturing of Wireless Low-Power Long Range IoT devices


Twikey enables simple and accessible SEPA direct debits through e-Mandates. 


TnTap develops software that goes hand in hand with your unique business processes. We make sure it is well-designed software which contains all the functionalities that your company wishes. Furthermore, we integrate the software with the already existing systems that your company uses.

Around Media

Around.Media was founded with one clear mission: empowering virtual communications. 


Forganiser is a cloud-based application for organising your flexible and fixed workers.


Manage your calls more efficiently with the iReachm App

Mobie Train

MobieTrain is designed to meet the most ambitious learning needs of businesses today. This retail employee knowledge platform combines an innovative learning algorithm approach to microlearning with creative knowledge-on-demand and social learning techniques

International delegation: Tech Startup Day goes international!

Facilitating the access to the Belgian market for foreign startups, will be one of the focus points for Tech Startup Day in the years to come. This year we kicked off this new approach by hosting seven Hungarian startups interested in the Belgium because of its ideal testing ground for companies that want to go abroad.

The goal is also to look for cooperation opportunities between Belgian and Hungarian startups, and the seven startups that attend do hope to find interesting contacts so that they can enlarge their network in this country", pointed out Szonja Bender, head of the economic and commercial section of the Hungarian Embassy to Belgium.

The startups that showcased their products were: SMark Technology Zrt., Modanda, BOOKR Kids, Ulockme kft, OzonExtrade/sterilising appliance/ExOzone, Logiscool and The Connect East Incubator.

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By Gabriela Fernández Scala