Lots of initiatives offering supporting services for starting entrepreneurs are available in Belgium already. It’s not always an easy task for these entrepreneurs, however, to get to know all of them and acquire insight into the most suitable ones for them at that time. The supporting organizations, on the other hand, are struggling with the practical modalities their activities bring along.

Startups.be wants to offer a solution for both issues. The initiative wants to map out the available set of supporting services and instruments in an easy way through a web portal. Entrepreneurs can find the way to the most relevant and suitable services. In the first months of 2012, over 30 organizations started to join forces in Startups.be, actively supporting and stimulating entrepreneurship so far.

Startups.be has been preparing behind closed doors for a while, but was publicly launched on April 18 2012, in the presence of almost 600 tech entrepreneurs. The event brought a good mix of hands-on coaching sessions, lessons learned from established entrepreneurs, inspirational keynotes by José Zurstrassen and Maurice Engelen.

Here are some video’s and pictures you should not miss out on:

Tech Startup Day (April 18 2012) – general impressions

Tech Startup Day (April 18 2012) – keynote Maurice Engelen

Tech Startup Day (April 18 2012) – interviews & reactions

Tech Startup Day (April 18 2012) – pictures