Reading a cat's mind at your fingertips, probably one of the most wanted superpowers in the world, is now possible!

Telekitty aims to bring a unique level of communication between cat lovers and their favorite pet.

By launching the app on iOS, both in Dutch and English, the Belgian startup Hey Hey Apps is taking the "being a cat person" thing to a whole new level. There has clearly been lots of interest in the product already. Telekitty was part of the acceleration program powered by Telenet Kickstart and as part of its expansion strategy, the team behind this fun app will travel to New York as part of the delegation #BBNY16

How does it work?

A cat lover looks at his cat with the app, the app detects the cat (through our Cat Purrcognition™ software — major tech feature of the app), scans the cat and returns the image of the cat with the cat thought on it. The cat lover can decide to decorate this image with stickers and share it with his friends. That’s it.

Telekitty is created by the same team that released Eva Mouton Pix in May 2015, an overall number 1 paid iPhone app in Belgium.

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By Gabriela Fernández Scala