5 months after its launch, Spencer is securing a Series A round investment. With this participation, Telenet is aiming to bank on other services than telecom. While for Spencer - it will lead to the next phase of its development and growth.

Spencer calls itself “Google Now for companies and employees”. It combines relevant information from different programmes, applications, and websites together into one easy-to-use application, a mobile workplace assistant. It also aggregates related actions into user-friendly workflows, eliminating the need to switch back and forth between applications.

“Young people have sky-high expectations and hope the applications in their workplace will correspond to the advanced technologies in their private lives,” say CEOs Tom Vroemans and Maarten Raemdonck. “We think of Spencer as Google Now for big companies—it connects you to all the tools and data you need, anytime and anywhere you like. For the time being, we’re the only company in Europe to offer this solution.”

Initially, Spencer is a spin-off of innovative Antwerp company November Five, and was co-developed by BASE Company, before that was taken over by Telenet. Spencer came into Telenet’s sights and that’s how the participation came to be.

“We’re a 3,200-strong company, and we ourselves see the need for such a tool,” says Dieter Nieuwdorp,  Telenet’s Senior Vice-President Strategy & Corporate Development. Is the investment one of the telco company’s new strategies? “We quickly understood that Spencer is a fine opportunity. This investment fits in our long-term strategy to support the sustainable growth of innovative start-ups and digital entrepreneurs through the Telenet Kickstart program. In the long run, we might also offer Spencer to our own customers.

For now, Spencer is focusing on companies with more than 2.000 employees with Telenet, Proximus, and DEME leading the pack.

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