The Belgian Minister of Finance Johan Van Overtveldt is working on a new government 'super fund' that will invest in Belgian funds that put large amounts of money into local scale-ups.

The goal of the 'super fund' is to improve the strength of the Belgian venture capital funds.

As we all know, Belgian companies still have a hard time growing from start-up to scale-up. This observation prompted Minister Johan Van Overtveldt to create a kind of 'super fund' that helps to supply other Belgian venture capital funds.

Tech investors like Ducko Sickinghe (Fortino) and Jurgen Ingels (SmartFin Capital) have already created funds with the goal to invest large amounts in scale-ups. That kind of funds (and others) should gain financial strength when Van Overtveldt fulfills his promises. 

Local capital is widely available in Belgium, but it is too fragmented right now, making large capital rounds difficult for Belgian scale-ups. That is the reason why promising companies travel abroad when they need fresh money.

How much money the minister has prepared for his plan is not entirely clear yet, but he's talking about significant amounts. Depending on the source, '200 to 300 million', to even '400 million' is mentioned.

The federal participation entity FPIM would be given a role in the new fund, but regional players such as the Flemish PMV or the Walloon SRIW could also join.