Once again, we were adding science to the art of fundraising... The new topics we brought up last week included the guiding principles of choosing the right investor, equity and convertible notes.

In case you missed it, we shortlisted 5 picks from the workshop.

  •  Choose an investor who is committed to the long-term success and adds value! 
  •  Be true to yourself when you evaluate your dangers, asses your needs & make decisions. And remember, you'd better get an expert lawyer who can help you with a final decision/contract
  •  If the note is converted, what type will it be? Founder shares or investor shares?
  •  Equity round is a "priced round"
  • Rather than cold-calling or sending emails to investors and asking for an appointment, look for a mutual connection and (important!) someone whom this investor trusts (portfolio company, co-investor, lawyer or broker...)

Interested to learn more? Check out the slides. 

Investor readiness: Equity and Convertible notes by Startups.be from StartUps.be

Are you ready for fundraising? 

As of 2017, Startups.be and its partners team up to offer the set of insightful investor readiness workshops all over Belgium. Why? All because, we know, that raising funds is one of the major challenges that startups face. And our aim is to help startups in building lasting and profitable relations with investors - so startups grow and flourish!

More investor readiness workshops ahead! Next time we, together with Van Olmen and Wynant, will focus on shareholder agreement. Check it out & book your spot now!