W.IN.G (Wallonia Innovation and Growth) is a new investment fund for the Walloon digital start-ups, launched in late February 2016 as a part of the implementation of Digital Wallonia, the digital strategy of the region. The fund is a gateway to many opportunities for start-ups and scale-ups that can benefit from the pre-seed and financial assistance ofmatured projects, as well as from coaching and access to an extensive network.

Since its creation, the Selection Committee has received hundreds of projects to decide about. In fact, in April, the Committee run its 4th meeting. Obviously, the submissions differ in size, content and quality. "Some projects are very original and some are less interesting," affirms Pierre Rion, Chairman of the Selection Committee of W.IN.G. In fact, 45% of them were redirected to other organizations, which can assist them better. For instance, some projects are seeking capital amounts of several million euros, when the financial assistance of W.IN.G can only go up to 250,000 euros.

As a matter of fact, none of the proposals were simply turned away. Furthermore, Rion states, We stick to our goal - which is to treat every file and redirect those that require an extra assistance. No doubt actions speak louder than words: 2 months resulted in 105 projects and 20 pitches to the Committee.

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