The Liege-based WSL-incubator, dedicated to engineering-minded startups, recently engaged in a new initiative that combines awareness-raising, training and testing activities as well as project development in the field of Internet of Things. Here’s the latest from Wallonia and Brussels, courtesy of Regional IT. 

Atom-IT intends to be totally technology-agnostic. The objective is to foster the development of projects and competences regardless of the preferred technology or platformLoRA, Sigfox, citizen LoRA (The Things Network), 5G/LTE-M. Later on, additional technologies will be added to the lab: NB-IoT, GPRS, Bluetooth, Zigbee… 

The same goes for the cloud platform level, where Atom-IT intends to partner with Microsoft (Azure), Amazon (Amazon Web Services), OVH, Google or the local player, NRB.

Atom-IT activities are aimed at enterprises of all sizes (startups included), public players, students and researchers.

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International Oracle Award for Liege Airport

Oscars, an Andenne-based startup which specializes in geopositioning oriented solutions for airports, recently won an international award from the Oracle French-speaking Users Association (AUFO). Together with their customer, Liege Airport, Oscars won the “Connected and Operational Innovation Award” for their GIP4Airport project.

GIP4Airport is a solution specially developed for Airport Operation Centers (APOCs). It takes care of the real-time monitoring and management of all equipment elements, players and events pertaining to the airside airport zone (runways, taxiways, car parks and boarding areas).

GIP4Airport collects and handles ‘geolocated’ data in real time, enabling an integrated analysis of all data related to the movements of any plane, cargo, piece of equipment and redirecting the pertinent ones to the various teams and operational staff.

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OkiDoPlay, the wearable connected nanny

What parent has never feared losing sight of an unruly child? A fraction of a second is sometimes sufficient to open the panic chapter… OkiDoPlay is a new startup that emerged from the mind of a father who did experience such concerns.

OkiDoPlay is also the name of the product itself: a connected bracelet for young children. No geolocation technique, no GPS (for energy saving reasons) but a simple embedded chip which stays in permanent Bluetooth connection with a smartphone app (up to 70-meter range).

Once the child steps out of a predefined perimeter, a ringing alarm sets off both on the smartphone and on the bracelet, itself and keeps getting louder if the distance increases (useful if the searching parent heads off in the wrong direction).

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