Six months after its launch, Forest Admin has closed a 3 million euro round to accelerate the technological and international development of its admin-as-a-service interface for businesses. The round is co-led by Connect Ventures and Xavier Niel, with the participation of Taavet Hinrikus (CEO of Transferwise). 

Support and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, among many others, have historically been developed internally by companies. SaaS solutions such as Salesforce or Zendesk have, on a large scale, significantly improved user experience and operational efficiency. In a similar dynamic, the 28 year old Belgian developer Sandro Munda (Forest Admin's founder) decided to go even further by tackling the last non-outsourced part: the admin interface of applications. The market is huge and the project potential is limitless.

Being the true backbone of any web company, the admin interface is often considered unique. However, the majority of needs and functionalities necessary to manage data (CRUD, research, export, visualization, ...) are the same from one structure to another, regardless of the sector or product. Following a thorough market analysis and many hours of development, the Forest Admin team (that is based in Paris) has succeeded in creating a universal solution covering these and other, more specific needs. Forest Admin tackles the need that most companies have to run their daily operations through internal tools while respecting increasing requirements around dataprivacy (GDPR, HIPAA, …).

While business teams need a robust and friendly admin interface to read and manipulate data, it can also be a costly and time-consuming liability to maintain for developers, with its share of core issues around accessibility, security, and data manipulation. Directly connected to any web application, Forest Admin guarantees total autonomy to operational teams to support their projects (management, onboarding, support, workflow, etc.). It also allows technical teams to focus on the customer-facing product, and not waste time developing and maintaining an internal tool.

"The market opportunity reveals itself to be incredibly big"

"All online companies have a home-made back-office solution, but most are not optimal and what is certain is that they are all extremely expensive to develop and above all to maintain", says Sandro Munda. To centralize all information and available actions within a single interface, Forest Admin integrates several third-party services such as Stripe, Intercom, or Mixpanel and in beta). Others are planned in the tech roadmap. 

Based on a freemium model, Forest Admin is used every day by more than 350 companies worldwide, including Apartment List, Carbon Health (created by Eren Bali, former founder ofUdemy), Hoodline, Travel Bank, Qonto, Heetch, and BaxiTaxi.Thanks to this €3M round, Forest Admin will accelerate the development of its solution, the recognition of its brand, as well as its presence abroad. A move to SF is not out of the question to ensure this growth. Tech and Sales positions are open!

"The market opportunity reveals itself to be incredibly big", adds Jean de la Rochebrochard, who will be joining the board on behalf of Xavier Niel’s investment. "Most companies must build and maintain admin interfaces. Yet, they face the challenge of finding the best solution to simultaneously meet the needs of their software development, business operations, and data management teams. Sandro and his team have a deep understanding of this business opportunity. I've been impressed by their clarity of vision and execution. They're on the path to build a strong market leader in this cluttered market. I'm very excited to join the board and share this journey with them." 

Forest Admin was launched in 2017 by Sandro Munda within the eFounders Startup Studio, which is also at the inception of Mailjet, Mention, Front, Aircall and Spendesk.