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Antwerp mission 2018 to Russia (Moscow and Saint Petersburg)

Starts on: 22 April 2018

Location: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Russia

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The city of Antwerp and its partners, Port of Antwerp and Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC) organize a joint mission to Russia (Moscow and Saint Petersburg) from 22 until 28 April 2018. The formal reason for this mission is the sixtieth anniversary of the offical friendship agreement between Antwerp and Saint Petersburg.

Moscow and St Petersburg are the most important economic centers in Russia: both cities are innovation hubs with transparant investment rules and tax-free economic zones. St Petersburg is also Russia's cultural capital, with over 6.5 million visitors annually. 

The Antwerp delegation will meet local policy makers and corporate leaders, as well as representatives of knowledge institutes and other organisations from many different sectors. A joint Antwerp presence is bound to offer your organisation extra business opportunities - during past missions, the many contacts with key figures of local governments, institutions and companies have proven to help open doors. Of course, your presence also helps us to grow Antwerp's image and renown in Russia.

We are working on a divers programme, with activities aimed at the many facets of the Antwerp economic and cultural landscape. As part of the Antwerp mission delegation you will be able to initate or solidify business relationships in Moskou en St. Petersburg through seminars,  visits to innovative local enterprises and a personalised B2B meeting schedule provided by Flanders Investment & Trade FIT.  

The 2018 mission receives active support from the Belgian embassy in Moscow, the Russion embassy in Brussels, the Belgian consulate-general in St-Petersburg, Flanders Investment & Trade, the Belgian Agency for Foreign Trade and other economic and cultural institutions.

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Starts: 22 April 2018 00:00

Ends: 28 April 2018 00:00

Venue: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Russia