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Fintech, Berlin

Starts on: 12 March 2017

Location: Berlijn, Duitsland

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What's a Go Global Mission?

Since 2016 has led international missions and visited some of the most exciting startup hubs in the world. We organise pitching & networking opportunities with investors, the local tech scene, potential clients and make sure you get the right information on how to set up shop in these ecosystems. We meet Belgians who already took the plunge and visit some tech stars while at it. & B-Hive, together with Flanders Investment & Trade and two other export agencies, invite Belgian Fintech startups to discover the Berlin fintech ecosystem.

We will benefit from Startup Safary Berlin's program and will offer a diverse spectrum of activities. You will have the opportunity to meet the decision-makers from the Berlin fintech hub: investors and VCrepresentatives from banks and financial industry corporations, Berlin-based startups working in the fintech sector.

We will listen to founders' stories (Number26,...), and learn from the experience of executives (e.g. “How are we building our software infrastructure to handle tens of millions of users?”) or their achievements (e.g. “How we got up to 5 million downloads without spending a dime on marketing and how we got Jimmy Kimmel to talk about us?” by John Doe (CMO)) and will also participate in a challenge with other startups.

Next to that, B-Hive and will open doors to specific startups and institutions in order to let them acquire and build the right connections in Berlin. On March 14th,, Flanders Investment & Trade and B-Hive will also host a themed breakfast at the Embassy of Belgium where Belgian startups will have the opportunity to show their best achievements and interest investors and clients.



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This campaign is supported by:

B-Hive - Flanders Investment & Trade 


Starts: 12 March 2017 00:00

Ends: 14 March 2017 23:55

Venue: Berlijn, Duitsland (click on the link to see it on Google Maps)