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JS Tech Talks

Starts on: 02 March 2020


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Hi everyone! As part of the first edition of Workshop Summit, we are hosting an evening of tech talks with some of our sponsors! Are you curious about AWS and how redux and monorepo are used in big projects?? This evening is for you! Schedule: 18:00 - Doors open - let's have a drink! 18:45 - Talk #1 19:30 - Break with food & drinks 20:00 - Talk #2 20:45- Networking 21:30 - End of the evening ----- Talk #1 - Steven Goris from our bronze sponsor Optis on the advantages of deploying an app with AWS Hear about the advantages and disadvantages of deploying a JS app in the cloud with AWS vs. onprem. With a live demo of a small TODO app in JavaScript (basically a CRUD REST API built on AWS with Amazon API Gateway, Lambda & DynamoDB), Steven will walk you through some of his aspects and kick-off the discussion! About Steven: Steven Goris is a Full Stack developer working at Optis. He has a background in Java and Javascript development and likes to learn new technologies. He is also passionate about Cloud native development on AWS. Talk #2: Ludovic Radoux & Filip Dos Santos from our Platinum sponsor Gaming1 on how the monorepo architecture and their Redux stack helps them meet challenging requirements at Gaming1 They will explain the choices made while creating their project architecture (monorepo) and the technology stack to manage async data (redux, typesafe-actions, io-ts, redux-observables). About Ludovic: After spending some years working as a full stack web developer, he switched to developing more complex PWA using AngularJS. For the last couple of years, he specialised in React and while he created create some apps using React Native, his main domains of expertise are the frontend development and tooling. About Filip: After working for about 10 years as a full stack web developer, he began to focus on front-end technologies such as React, Redux, Typescript and functional programming techniques. Want to join the first edition of Workshop Summit ( Still on time to spend a full day diving into React Advanced Concepts, VueJS API composition, GraphQL, Kubernetes and more! Go and grab a seat now!


Starts: 02 March 2020 18:30

Ends: 02 March 2020 21:30