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Starts on: 01 May 2017

Location: Singapore


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What's a Go Global Mission?

Since 2016 has led international missions and visited some of the most exciting startup hubs in the world. We organise pitching & networking opportunities with investors, the local tech scene, potential clients and make sure you get the right information on how to set up shop in these ecosystems. We meet Belgians who already took the plunge and visit some tech stars while at it.

Can you make it as a Belgian start-up in Southeast Asia? Yes, you can! The sky is the limit for entrepreneurs that are entering the market early with a product that can make money. 

The Southeast Asian region not only accounts for one billion consumers; English is the language of choice and the market is less saturated than in the US and the EU.

Meanwhile Singapore has become the epicenter of it all. Increasingly, the city-state is considered as one of the world's most interesting tech hubs. This is no coincidence, because the government is doing everything to create an attractive environment for digital entrepreneurs, and the number of Western startups that set up shop in Singapore is growing exponentially. 

The city is also the most important ‘smart nation’ in the world, with projects that go way further than anything you’ve seen in the US and in Europe. Moreover, the country is known throughout the world as the most prominent fintech hub in Asia. 

West of the city center, Singapore is building what will become one of the most advanced and technology driven new ports in the world.   

Therefore, we’ve chosen to organize a mission to Singapore centered around three topics: smart cities, fintech and logistics. We’re compiling a truly fantastic program for those interested, and here’s a first peek!’s program 

 - One day booth/startup at prestigious ‘Innovfest Unbound’ conference held in Marina Bay Sands (May 3th). Belgian pitch session on stage the same day. Tickets for conference and booth are included in the price.

- Belgian evening event in cooperation with Innovfest Unbound. 

- Legal session on doing business in Singapore and about the tax-initiatives.

- Session about Singapore's tech ecosystem

- Networking drink at the Belgian embassy, together with Belgian Luxemburg Business Group.

- Visit to Google Singapore.

- Visit to GovTech Singapore, to get more insights about the Singapore Smart Nation Project.

- Visit of key fintech/iot/logistics companies.

- Visit of The Hub, a local fintech incubator that has strong ties with B-Hive in Belgium.

- Visit to BLK71 and other relevant coworking spaces / accelerators.

- Visit to Belgian companies operating from Singapore (iText, …).

- Discussion with Amelie de Spot, Belgian investor in Singapore.

- Visit to (international) investors / vc’s (Singtel Innov8, …).

- Session with FIT / Awex-contacts in Singapore.  

- Matchmaking between Belgian startups and one or two potential partners/clients in Singapore (fintech/logistics/smart cities).

- PR campaign in Belgian and Asian press.

- …



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This campaign is supported by:

EY - VLAIO - B-Hive - Flanders Investment & Trade - AWEX


Starts: 01 May 2017 00:00

Ends: 05 May 2017 23:55

Cost: €900.00

Venue: Singapore (click on the link to see it on Google Maps)