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VISION2VALUE | a bootcamp by EYnovation™

Starts on: 03 May 2017

Location: Co.Station Gent 1 Oktrooiplein 9000 Gent

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How to grow while staying true to your vision and values

The Vision2Value EYnovation bootcamp offers start- and scale-ups a hands-on methodology as well as a learning and sharing platform to integrate commitments linked to your vision into your business model to increase added value. The bootcamp will provide you with tested and validated tools to take your start-up to the next level. This bootcamp combines a number of workshops on vision and values, business modeling, lean start-up, circular economy, impact and added value. Each bootcamp session will be led by renowned experts and complemented with guest speakers who will present their real-life cases and lessons learned.


03/05/2017 (16:00-20:00) - Kick off session, stakeholder analysis - Defining the value proposition

  • Facilitator: Céline De Waele – Senior manager EY Cleantech and Sustainability and former policy advisor on entrepreneurship
  • Practical case: Mathieu Vandenhende - Nestor NV

Before embarking on your journey, take a moment to look around. In today’s ever-connected world, it is of a paramount importance to be fully aware of your surroundings and its limits: not a single entrepreneur operates within a vacuum and needs to balance carefully the growing scarcity of resources and impacts of business. 

Ask yourself these questions: what are the main challenges for businesses in general? What role can companies play and specifically my start-/ scale-up in this regard? Which challenges are most urgent in my industry and what solution can I offer? Who are the stakeholders of my company and what are their expectations? And how can I link all of this to our value proposition?

During our first workshop we will introduce you to different methodologies to perform an environmental and stakeholder analysis through identification and prioritization in order to help you gain a deep understanding of your surroundings. We will tackle the increased importance of a circular economy and highlight the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This will assist you in formulating strong commitments which support your vision and value proposition.

Participants will have the opportunity to pitch their proposals, value drivers and business models which will be supplemented by inspiring case stories from seasoned entrepreneurs who are more than willing to have you learn from their experience.

08/05/2017 (16:00-20:00) - Business model canvas, the lean start-up method and innovative business models – Deepening the value proposition

  • Facilitator: Luuk Eliëns - EY Innovation Manager, Guest Lecturer EuroCollege Hogeschool, Co-Founder of several and diverse startups
  • Practical case: Wim De Veirman - Greenpan Int.

Our second session literally gets down to business: getting your hands dirty through the use of different tools (Business Model Canvas, Lean Start-up Method) in order to help you move from the defined value proposition, commitments and obligations towards a sustainable business strategy. 

What are the risks associated with achieving a symbiosis between your strategy and value proposition? How can you reap the benefits and address the challenges of promising new and circular business models? And most importantly: how do you keep focus on your customers throughout this process?

During this workshop you will fine-tune your future-oriented strategy and discover the most appropriate business model, learning from experienced speakers.

17/05/2017 (16:00-20:00): Monitoring and reporting progress - Safeguarding the value proposition

  • Facilitator: Kurt Wellens - EY Cleantech and Sustainability, NBN Academy compliance instructor, EY Innovation coach
  • Practical case: Benjamin Rieder - ex ceo Bubble Post, others TBC

Now the time has come to jump into the abyss: develop an action plan with clear objectives, roles, responsibilities and a timetable. Keep your stakeholders in the know and communicate on what’s important to them. How? Well, some things never change and as your grandfather already knew: measuring is knowing. We will help to select the right performance indicators to ensure reliable, complete and relevant monitoring and reporting. 

Without profound knowledge of your current results and performance to provide a proper perspective and context, realizing your vision through respect of your values will be very difficult, if not impossible. Therefore you need to track indicators which matter to your business and also form an excellent reference to guide your growth and success in the desired direction. 

In addition to providing vital information for your never-ending journey, these indicators are also crucial in the engagement with your customers and other stakeholders, attracting investors and (financial) resources and finding and retaining great talent. We will offer insight into translating the information into relevant in-/external communication and extra-financial reporting with focus on the expectations of your stakeholders. 

We will showcase how to measure business, social and environmental impact beyond the financial dimension. The workshop will boast inspiring cases as a testimony to the importance of strong operational management.

21/06/2017 (16:00-20:00): Closing Event: Sharing your adapted value proposition

  • Facilitators: Kurt Wellens - EY Cleantech and Sustainability, NBN Academy compliance instructor, EY Innovation coach & Céline De Waele – Senior manager EY Cleantech and Sustainability and former policy advisor on entrepreneurship

Feedback is the breakfast of Champions – our fourth and final session offers a moment to exchange your experiences after putting your newly acquired knowledge into practice. 

Which learning lessons did you take away from our workshops? What additional insights have you gained from your experience and that of other participants? Which actions did you define for your start-/scale-up? Do you need additional information or assistance?

The final session will conclude with Pitching 2.0: participants re-pitch their adapted business models and visions.


Starts: 03 May 2017 16:00

Ends: 21 June 2017 21:00

Venue: Co.Station Gent 1 Oktrooiplein 9000 Gent