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Workshop: Building modern applications with .NET Core 3.0 with MVP Gill Cleeren

Starts on: 06 March 2020

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.NET Core can be used to build all types of modern applications, varying from web apps to back-end applications and modern desktop applications. Over a really short amount of time, .NET Core has evolved and a lot of new things have been added. During the workshop, you’ll learn how to build your next big thing with .NET Core (and of course, we’ll use the latest and greatest version available at the time!). You’ll learn what the framework brings for you, you’ll get to understand the tool chain to use, you’ll see what you can re-use from plain .NET development and what code can be shared across applications. After this hands-on workshop, you’ll walk away with a good understanding of the future of .NET. Topics we’ll cover: - .NET Core 3: What’s this .NET Core thing all about? Which tools are available and how do you get started with .NET Core - ASP.NET Core: We’ll take a look at the options you have with ASP.NET Core to build apps including - - - ASP.NET Core, Web API and, perhaps most exciting, the all-new Blazor - Desktop: With .NET Core 3, it’s now possible to run regular .NET desktop apps on .NET Core. We’ll see the options that exist here. - Mobile: We’ll explore the options we have now to build modern apps with Xamarin. - Azure: Finally, we’ll learn how we can deploy all this goodness into Azure.


Starts: 06 March 2020 09:00

Ends: 06 March 2020 17:30

Venue: Kunstlaan 3, 1210 Sint-Joost-ten-Node, Belgium (click on the link to see it on Google Maps)