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Workshop Implementing Secure Azure Networks

Starts on: 03 March 2020

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Security is always number 1 or 2 in any survey on the fears of cloud computing. Networking in The Cloud is very different to traditional physical networking … but in some ways it is quite similar. The goals of this workshop are: - To teach you the fundamentals, the theory, of how Azure networking functions so you can understand the practical design and application - Do hands-on deployments of secure networks As a result, this workshop takes you all the way back to the basics of Azure networking so you really understand the “wiring” of a secure network in the cloud. Only with that understanding do you understand that small is big. The topics covered in this class will secure small/mid businesses, platform deployments that require regulatory compliance, and large enterprises: - The Microsoft global network - Availability & SLA - Virtual network basics - Virtual network adapters - Peering - Service endpoints - Public IP Addresses - VNet gateways: VPN & ExpressRoute - Network Security Groups - Application Firewall - Route Tables - Third Party Firewalls - Azure Firewall - Architectures Attendees will require an Azure subscription capable of deploying multiple 4 x single-core virtual machines, 1 x Azure Firewall, 1 x Web Application Gateway, and 1 x per GB Log Analytics Workspace for 1 day.


Starts: 03 March 2020 09:00

Ends: 03 March 2020 17:30

Venue: Kunstlaan 3, 1210 Sint-Joost-ten-Node, Belgium (click on the link to see it on Google Maps)