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Frequently Asked Questions

What is is the one-stop-shop for Belgian tech entrepreneurs with a global ambition. We help them by providing easy and qualitative access to investors, customers and experts.

As a non-profit organisation, we connect the dots in the tech ecosystem and we are the voice of the startups in Belgium, looking to foster the startup culture with a neutral and inclusive approach and a national and international reach.

Since its foundation in 2013, has quickly grown to represent more than 1500 startups, and over 120 Belgian organisations working for entrepreneurs.

What does do?


Centre of excellence

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What doesn't do?

We are not event organisers. As part of our matchmaking efforts, we hold the Tech Startup Day and Failing Forward conference yearly, plus other smaller events to support and promote the Belgian entrepreneurial culture. However we do not provide logistics or plan events upon request: we are a strategic partner to gather the community and find the right startups. We are more than prone to help spreading the word and targeting the right people. We are happy to come up with new formats and ways to engage with the community.

How do I add my company to the's Map?

If you run a Belgian tech startup (see the definition above), you are welcome to put your startup on the map. Go to's Map, create a profile and add your company!

Is the's Map data complete and 100% accurate?

No, this initial dataset is not complete or 100% accurate, therefore you should be careful when making assumptions from it. However, we are proud to state we have a quality dataset that represents the Belgian tech ecosystem and tracks different relations between stakeholders.

Over the coming months, we’ll be adding, editing, verifying and updating hundreds and hundreds of profiles and we hope to achieve our goal of creating a comprehensive dataset of Startups, Investors and Enablers. To make it, we need that the companies already registered in our database keep their information up to date.

How do I claim my company?

If your company (startup, enabler or accelerator) is on the map and you haven't claimed it yet, you need to follow these steps:

1. Register on

2. Login on

3. Search for your company in the searching toolbar and open the company profile by clicking on the marker.

4. Click on the claim button "Claim this company” on your profile.

If you have any issues, do not hesitate to contact us at

In what language does publish?

We always publish in English, so please send your content in this language.

How can I get feature in the blog?

Our (awesome) blog is always in the need of good startup stories. We love sharing news on award nominations, funding rounds and internationalisation (but we don’t publish information on features or product launches). Our blog also houses insights by experts and seasoned entrepreneurs, in topics that are relevant to our audience. So give it a go and upload your news.

How long does it take to get events, calls or news published?

Our moderator usually approve the content within 48 working hours. In case your content needs to be edited, we will get back in touch. We reject content that is not in English or is not relevant to our audience.

What is's definition of a tech startup?

A startup creates and commercialises a proprietary product that rapidly scales to global proportions without linear dependence on human capital.In order to join our directory, you must be a Belgian Tech Startup or have a branch in the country. See further details here.

What is’s definition of an Enabler?

We confess that this definition was the hardest to come up with. Why? Because Enablers are all the innovation-led organisations working for and with startups. For us, Enablers have entrepreneurs as their main target audience and work offering them office space,funding, mentorship, events and opportunities. So, for us Enablers are the movers and shakers of the ecosystem, the movers and shakers, the rainmakers, the wheels that keep the startup scene spinning. This includes accelerators, incubators and coworking spaces, but also grassroots associations, schools and research centers focusing on startups.

What does do for Enablers?

Enablers are also looking to enhance the growth of their alumni startups and we support that by offering tailormade internationalisation campaigns, mentors for their workshops and events, and exposure opportunities in our flagship events. 

For us, it is all about providing new opportunities for the startups in the enablers’ portfolio and also connecting them with new exciting companies. We offer Ecosystem intelligence, a combination of accurate data and our expertise, including region, industries, growth stage and other insights.

What does do for Investors?

Investors are always in the look for new startups to invest in and thanks to our Ecosystem Intelligence, we track down the rising stars in the Belgian entrepreneurial scene. In addition, we provide growth opportunities for the startups that are already in their portfolio.

What is’s definition of Corporates?

Corporates are big companies looking for innovative solutions for their large business. They want to connect with startups to be provided with that great tech product or service for their company. 

What does do for Corporates?

Matchmaking with startups that can offer great products and services, mentorship by our entrepreneur experts and ecosystem intelligence to know the hottest trends in their industry. 

What is’s definition of Policy-makers?

The policy-makers we reach out to are those looking to create new jobs, grow the welfare and increase economic stability at any level. This ranges from people challenging the entrepreneurial mindset via concrete action points like  the startup manifesto and its impact on better conditions for starting up to government institutions fostering innovation in their region, like the Antwerp city and its Antwerp Startup Fair.

What does do for Policy-makers?

For policy-makers, we propose inclusive set up support measures, ranging from data-driven insights and reports to expert advice and recommendations from experienced startup founders. By data-driven insights, we mean Ecosystem Intelligence that can shed light on key issues such as gender representation in entrepreneurship, job creation, and benchmarking in comparison to other startup ecosystems.

We are convinced that by evaluating these insights, policy-makers can design and implement the most effective startup policy measures including quick wins as well as long-term impact. 

What is Tech Startup Day?

Belgium’s leading startup conference, this is the Belgian must-attend event for all tech entrepreneurs & corporate innovators,enablers, investors and policy-makers interested in innovation. Tech Startup Day has had five editions, all of them sharing inspiration, hands-on examples, brilliant testimonials and lots of relevant contacts allowing attendees to take their entrepreneurial project to the next level.