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Karen Boers

Managing Director. (Step)mom of 5, former soccer player, lousy at cooking . Strategic thinker, people lover and community builder with a passion for family, reading, education and good company .

Jan Bormans

COO at Business Developer. Enthusiastically trying to bridge the gaps between high-tech, entrepreneurship and creativity. Confessing a not-so-secret eclectic taste in people, hobbies and music.

Philippe Rangoni

Business Development Director. Partnerships magician with a background in cinema. Proud father, confessed foodie, regular visitor to Sicilian paradises.

Frederik Tibau

Content Director. Former tech journalist gone rogue. Passionate traveller, chronic foodie, confirmed wine lover. Sci-fi geek, music junkie and proud father.

Adeline Michaux

Business Development Officer. Building bridges between Startups and Corporates for greater impact. Innovation lover with a background in international business and partnerships/customers management. Passionate about discovering new culture, people and countries!

Marleen Heyndrickx

Operations & Project Manager. Working on HR, accounting, reporting etc. Book addict. News follower. Favorite dessert: anything with chocolate. Married, proud mother of two.

Agustina PĂ©rez Iriarte

Data Scientist. Python developer and Machine Learning enthusiast. Connecting the dots in the startup ecosystem. When not resolving data mysteries, you might find me dancing to the rhythm of Tango and Canyengue.

Valentina Ponomariova

Marketeer. Artist with a background in Germanic literature. Slowly converting to the dark side by getting into the startup's world. With a fresh major in Business Management Marketing under my belt!

Habib El Maaza Gomez

Front End developer, gamer, soccer fan and player and addict to travels. Also former registered nurse and psychologist, teacher. Has lived a thousand lives but this one at is his favorite one so far.